How to Solve the Waterproof Problem of LED Underground Lights?

April 18, 2024
How to Solve the Waterproof Problem of LED Underground Lights?
LED underground lights are now on the ground or in the soil, in addition to dealing with rainy weather or water immersion, but also to deal with the problem of thermal expansion and contraction. We are supposed to notice these following:

Model YY-DMS002
Model YY-DMR007

Model YY-DMR003
Model YY-DZT001

1. Housing: Die-casting aluminum shell is a common choice because it is waterproof and anti-rot. However, the density of the housing may vary depending on the casting method used. When the housing has a certain degree of density, short-term exposure to water or submersion will not cause water molecules to penetrate. However, when the housing is buried in the ground for a long time and subjected to the alternating effects of heat and cold, water can slowly seep into the housing. Therefore, we recommend a housing material thickness exceeding 2.5mm.

2. Glass cover and glass surface: Tempered glass is the preferred choice, and it should not be too thin. This prevents the glass from breaking and water seeping in due to thermal expansion and contraction or external impacts.


3. Heat Dissipation: LED inground lights generate high heat and require good heat dissipation  to prevent significant temperature differences between the inside and outside of the fixture, which can lead to condensation and thermal stress that damages the lights. The contact area between the housing and the LED should be above 80%, and additional features such as breathing vents and heat sinks can be added.


4. Embedded body parts: The embedded parts should be as high as possible to prevent excessive water from soaking into the lamp body.


5. Glue sealing: The led lights are sealed with potting material, and thermal conductive silicone is applied on the top of the fixture. The connection between the glass cover and the gasket, as well as the drilled screw joints, should be properly sealed and waterproofed. This is a triple sealing process for waterproof.


If you want to test the the waterproof function of the led underground light,

you could before using the lights in wet conditions, test their waterproofing by exposing them to a small amount of water to ensure that no moisture penetrates the sealed components. And all of Yuanyeled led lights are conducted the waterproof test and they can up to IP65-IP68 high efficiecy waterproof resistance rating before delivery. So if you want to know more about our led inground light please contact us directly.  

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