The Difference Between CRI70 CRI80 CRI90

March 01, 2024
CRI Definition 

CRI (Color Rendering Index) is a measure of how accurately a light source renders colors compared to natural light. The CRI value is a number between 0 and 100, with a higher CRI indicating better color rendering ability. While it can be tempting to ascribe a percentage or letter grade to the CRI values, the numbers themselves are somewhat arbitrarily based on color difference values. So, we recommend that you resist any temptation to say "80 CRI means the light source is 80% accurate" as that is not the way CRI is calculated.


CRI70, CRI80, and CRI90 refer to different levels of color rendering ability. Here's a brief comparison of the three:

CRI70: This is the lowest of the three values and indicates that the light source has a moderate ability to render colors. it can render colors reasonably well, but there may be some distortion or inaccuracies in the representation of certain colors. It's considered acceptable for many general lighting applications where precise color rendering is not critical.

It is commonly used in commercial and industrial settings where color accuracy is not critical.


CRI80: This is a higher level of color rendering ability than CRI70 and is commonly used in retail and hospitality settings where color accuracy is more important. CRI80 lighting can provide more accurate and vivid colors than CRI70 lighting. It is suitable for most residential and commercial applications where good color rendering is desired but not necessarily critical.


CRI90: This is the highest of the three values and indicates that the light source has an excellent ability to render colors. It is commonly used in applications where color accuracy is critical, such as in art galleries, museums, paintings, exhibits and high-end retail stores.

Dull Lighting

Bright Lighting
Common applications with CRI

Here are some common applications where lighting with a CRI greater than 80 is beneficial:

Retail Environments: In retail settings, especially where the true color of products is crucial, such as clothing stores or jewelry shops, lighting with a CRI greater than 80 ensures that customers see the products in their true colors.


Art Galleries and Museums: In spaces displaying artwork, sculptures, or artifacts, high CRI lighting is essential to accurately represent the artist's intended colors and details.


Photography Studios: Professional photographers often use lighting with a high CRI to ensure accurate color reproduction in their photos.


Fashion and Apparel Industry: For design studios, showrooms, and manufacturing areas, lighting with a CRI greater than 80 helps evaluate fabrics, textures, and colors accurately.


Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities: In medical environments, accurate color representation is important for tasks such as assessing patient conditions, reading charts, and conducting medical procedures.


Showrooms and Exhibits: Whether it's showcasing cars, furniture, or other products, a high CRI helps present items in their true colors and enhances the visual appeal.


Color-Critical Workspaces: Any environment where color accuracy is crucial, such as graphic design studios, printing facilities, and laboratories, benefits from lighting with a CRI greater than 80.


Food Industry: Restaurants, bakeries, and food retail spaces benefit from high CRI lighting to accurately represent the color of food items, enhancing their visual appeal.


Remember that the specific CRI requirement may vary depending on the application, and some industries or applications may require an even higher CRI, such as CRI90 or CRI95, for extremely accurate color rendering.

Because higher CRI is almost always associated with lower efficiency, we certainly believe that 80 CRI is an appropriate color rendering level for certain applications where efficiency and cost are the primary objectives, but in general, we believe that 80 CRI is at best, an adequate level of color quality for the least demanding of circumstances.


In summary, the higher the CRI, the better the color rendering ability of the light source, with CRI90 offering the most accurate representation of colors.

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