What are the precautions for using SMD LED Chips?

November 29, 2023

LED lamp beads have unique advantages, but the LED lamp beads are a fragile semiconductor products, so we have to be extra careful when using LED products, now there are some LED use of precautions, in the process of use, please pay great attention as following mentioned.

1. Use DC power supply

Some manufacturers in order to reduce the cost of products using "capacitive step-down" way to the LED product power supply, which will directly affect the life of the LED lamp beads. The use of special switching power supply (preferably constant current source) to the LED lamp bead product power supply will not affect the service life of the product, but the product cost is relatively high.


2.  Must take anti-static measures

LED lamp bead products in the processing and production process to use certain anti-static measures, such as: workbench to ground, workers should wear anti-static clothing, with anti-static ring, as well as with anti-static gloves, etc., under the condition of anti-static ion fan can be installed, but also to ensure that the workshop's humidity in 65% or so, so as not to air is too dry to produce static electricity, especially green LED lamp beads is relatively easy to be more prone to electrostatic discharge. Damage. In addition, different quality grades of LED anti-static ability is not the same, high quality grade LED light beads anti-static ability to be stronger. There may be a lot of friends of static electricity is not very well understood, I am here to introduce the knowledge of static electricity in detail: the essence of static electricity is the existence of a residual charge. Charge is all about the essence of the phenomenon of electrostatic physical quantities, the English called ESD.

Potential, electric field, current and other related quantities are due to the presence of charge or charge movement and the physical quantity. Many electrostatic problems are caused by the fact that people do not have ESD awareness, and even now there are many people who doubt that ESD can cause damage to electronic products. This is because most of the ESD damage occurs in the human sense of the following, because the human body on the electrostatic discharge of the perceived voltage of about 3KV, and many electronic components in a few hundred volts or even dozens of volts will be damaged, usually electronic devices are damaged by the ESD there is no obvious boundaries to the components mounted on the PCB after the test, the result is that a lot of problems, the analysis is also quite difficult. Especially potentially damaged, that is, the use of precision instruments is also difficult to measure the performance of a significant change, so many electronic engineers and designers are skeptical of ESD, in recent years, but experiments have confirmed that this potential damage after a certain period of time, the reliability of electronic products decreased significantly.

3.  Temperature of LED beads

To note that the rise in temperature will make the LED lamp bead internal resistance becomes smaller When the external ambient temperature rises, the LED lamp bead light source internal resistance will be reduced, if the use of regulated power supply power supply will cause the LED working current rises, when more than its rated working current, will affect the service life of the LED products, serious LED lamp beads will make the light source "burnt out! "Therefore, it is best to use a constant current source power supply to ensure that the LED operating current is not affected by the external temperature, LED lamp bead temperature is also the most important factor affecting the life of LED. Please pay attention..


4. Sealing of LED bead products

No matter what LED light beads products, as long as the application in the outdoor, are faced with waterproof, moisture-proof sealing problems, if not handled well will directly affect the service life of LED products. Now there are a small number of product quality requirements of higher manufacturers use the traditional epoxy resin "pouring" method to seal the LED products, this method is more cumbersome to operate, for the volume of larger LED lamp beads is not very suitable for products, but also cause the weight of the product increases.


5. The current of LED light beads should not exceed the IF current of LED light beads

Overcurrent work will make the LED lamp bead life will soon decline, if beyond over, will immediately burn out the LED.


6. Must pay attention to LED lamp bead bending corner

LED lamp beads in the corner or folding, please do not be too close to the gel, should maintain a distance of more than 2mm from the gel, otherwise it will make the LED gel inside the bracket and the gold wire separation, the corner of the same place in the number of folding can not be more than three times, the corner of the corner bent into 90 °, and then back to the original position for 1 time.


7. Soldering temperature

Welding temperature of about 260 ℃, time control in 5S or less, welding point from the bottom of the gel in 2.5mm or more, the soldering iron must be grounded, absolutely do not allow electrically charged welding LED.


The chip type LED solves the problems of brightness, viewing Angle, flatness, reliability, consistency and so on. Compared with other packaging devices, it has the advantages of strong vibration resistance, low solder defect rate, good high-frequency characteristics, etc. It packages more LED chips in a smaller area, uses lighter PCB and reflector material, and shows that the reflector needs to be filled with less epoxy resin. By removing the heavier carbon steel material pins and reducing the size, the weight of the product can be easily reduced by half, the volume and weight are only about 1/10 of the traditional plug-in components, and the size of the electronic product is reduced by 40%-60% and the weight is reduced by 60%-80%, and the application is finally more perfect.

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