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November 03, 2023

We are in a colorful society. Color plays a great role in people's daily life and has been linked with people's inner feelings, closely related to people's lives. Red light is also important in our daily life. It also finds a broad range of applications such as billboard, hotel decoration, square outdoor landscape lighting, amusement park, bridge, stage, bar, dance hall, entertainment place, atmospheric historic building, villa residence and so on. The red light has many functions as following.

Emotional regulation

Color has a great influence on human psychology and physiology, generally speaking, blue light can slow down the heart rhythm, regulate the balance, eliminate tension. Beige, light blue, light gray is conducive to quiet rest and sleep, easy to eliminate fatigue. White light can reduce blood pressure and calm the mind of hypertensive patients.

Red light is considered a vibrant and passionate color, which can increase the sense of excitement and emotional excitement, and can make people excited and uplift their spirits. Therefore, red light is often used in entertainment venues and performance sites to increase the atmosphere and audience participation.


Decorative effect 

Red lighting can provide a unique decorative effect to buildings and landscapes. It can highlight the outline and character of the building and create a warm and vibrant atmosphere. Like Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire, Waddesdon is a French Renaissance style castle in the heart of Buckinghamshire. Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild built the estate in the 1870s to entertain fashionable guests and display his art collection. Highlights the extraordinary architectural details of the estate, designed by French architect Gabriel-Hippolyte Destailleur in the style of a chateau in the Loire Valley. Using 0-10v, 1-10v dimmer control mode, the lighting scheme adds colour to the estate and the surrounding landscape, and also facilitates the production of bespoke lighting for special occasions such as Christmas. It's also good for the safety of the surrounding environment.

Warning and guiding function

Red light is a striking color, often used in traffic lights and warning lights. Red lights can attract people's attention and remind them to pay attention to safety. The red light with PWM dimmer mode can be used as an indicator to identify a particular location or road. For example, when sailing at night, red lights are used to indicate channel boundaries to help ships navigate safely. For the past three years, there has been LightItInRed activity, a UK-based direct action lighting protest planned for the evening of Monday 6 July 2020, to draw attention to the critical condition of the UK live event and entertainment industry and its need for special government support to see it through to re-starting. There are two high profile buildings in red to show their support on the evening such as the O2 Guildhall and the Mayflower Theatre.

O2 Guildhall Southampton

Mayflower Theatre

Atmospheric effect

In China, red also represents happiness. During the Spring Festival, almost every household is hung with red lanterns. Primitive man knew red because of the birth of fire, and with fire, human beings made a qualitative leap. Therefore, at the beginning of red, it has the meaning of vitality and enthusiasm. In China, red also represents happiness, so when expressing happiness we use red light. Wear red and eat dates when you get married. Red lanterns are hung for both big and small shows. To create a cheerful atmosphere, almost all red is associated with good things.

In summary, the striking and unique nature of red light makes it a widely used lighting color.

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